Flair Favors the Bold | Combining Big Statements

Colors with a dash of drama are good for the soul. And statuesque lighting is always a bright idea. In places where show-stopping wows are needed - the bolder the better, and these elements combined make the most of it.

Navy with nuance and grand-scale fixtures are the focus with splashes of velvet, brass, and warm wood pieces added for textural interest. The rich coloring of deep blue soft seating supported with brass accent tables are a complimenting pair for a moody lounge area. Anchored with the Loren multicolored rug, the blue fibers pop even more vibrantly from the pattern.

Dynamic, magnetic ambience isn’t complete without atmospheric lighting. Any style of ceiling jewelry can work, but incorporating metal-based fixtures creates cohesion with the brass accents and a luminous feeling that is both rustic and edgy. When it comes to bold, more is more and it is best of the best.