Reflection Obsessions | Mirrored Décor Favorites

Nothing makes a social setting’s look dazzle more than mirrors. Whether it’s oversized wall mirrors for dramatic effect or mirrored side tables for subtle opulence, there is a plethora of ways to decorate with mirrored décor. We love to say mirrors are glamorous neutrals because of their versatility and their ability to encapsulate both modern and timeless styles.

Take a look at our favorite looking glasses and see the statements they reflect.


The oversized mirror is a classic piece to visually expand the space and reveal new facets of all around. Full-size mirrors catch light to brighten the area, and using multiple mirrors will create dramatic symmetry and bring additional luminosity to the atmosphere. We have a variety of mirrors, each with different, decorative frames that suite a variety of styles.

White Door Events Mirror Rentals-17.jpg

Drink stations will always be a main attraction so let’s make them sparkle from the start. Our mirrored bars experience the evening’s entertainment and reflects the excitement as it is happening. We love the geometric frames around our Donatella and Jolene bars that add an Art Deco look.

White Door Events Mirror Rentals-5.jpg

For subtle yet impactful reflective accents, mirrored coffee and side tables are perfectly sized to up the glamour in any furnishing arrangement. The quintessential mirrored console heightens the brilliance with simple, strong lines and a regal finish.

Photography:  KVC Photography

Photography: KVC Photography

Photography:  Persuasion Photography
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It’s all about what you can bring to the table, and mirrored dining tables deliver extra dimension to dinner decorum. Multi faceted rectangle or round mirrored top, guest won’t want to leave their seat with the table bouncing back the brilliant sights and the lights being enjoyed by all. Treat your tabletop and use as a food station to serve everyone reflective eye candy.