Bridging Memorable {MOW}ments

What's more invigorating that setting an event on a city bridge? Setting an event on a city bridge in two hours.

That's exactly what our entire company accomplished in Little Rock as Bad Boy Mowers celebrated their annual Dealer Meeting on the Main Street bridge. Planted on one of the city's main transportation routes, we were granted two hours to transform a quarter of a mile into a vibrant event space. We blended an array of colorful furnishings, transparent bistro sets, and illuminating pieces to reflect the funky, upbeat vibe of the night. To add a personalized element to the Mo(w)town-themed celebration, we created custom 5ft faux grass letters placed at the entrance that spelled the clever homonym. Watch it all unfold here.

The evening was a vivid scene of success thanks to the hard work from our team and wonderful collaboration with Destination Nashville!