This is 40: An Anniversary Extravaganza

A celebration should always be as great as Gastby. Inspired by the glitz and grandeur of the Roaring 20’s, this themed event celebrated West Cancer Center’s 40 year anniversary with all of the lights and custom branding. Twinkling rain lights dangled from the railings and sparkled bright, creating an all-encompassing opulence.

Modern nods to the golden era were made with high impact colors. Black and gold linens with various Art Deco patterns contrasted beautifully and showcased the importance of clean shapes that defined the style movement. The Donatella bar also pays tribute to the Jazz Age with a combination of sculptural lines, geometric patterns, and light-catching mirror.

Making the most of the center’s the milestone year, custom branding was a must. Custom branded signage and decals, made by our in-house design workshop, mixed in with the décor for a personalized touch that made the night roar.

Jeni Cherry